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Leader’s Speech

  Chairman of SXS, Mr. Wang Yong sheng, is respected as expert and enterpriser. He is senior engineer, excellent enterpriser in decoration industry, top-notch personnel and voted as CPPCC member of Zao zhuang City, high level engineering talent in Shandong Province, awarded with "Allowance of the State Council", invited to participate in editing the first version of glass curtain wall code in China, "Application Manual of Technical Code of Metal and Stone Curtain Walls Engineering".
Chairma:Mr. Wang Yongsheng
SXSer---A culture
People-oriented is the core of the culture. Be modest and honest is the culture's intension. And it is the culture's extension when it's integrated with local society, humanity and the customs. Those are the foundation of SXS to exist.
SXSer---A spirit
Be higher and stronger, the extraordinary bravery are the spirit marrow while be enterprising and innovating are the spirit essence. Being practical and hard-working embodies the spirit. Those are the soul of SXS to develop.
SXSer---A life
SXS' career will go through the entire life. To promote local economic and social development harmoniously is SXSers' obligation. Assets management combines with capital operation, SXS products assisted with multi-culture are the necessary route SXS must take. Deeply rooted in Shandong, taking a broad view of China and expanding to the whole world is SXS' great blue print. Those are the motivation of SXS to grow.